GCSE textbook showing a woman with ‘Brazilian’ style pubic hair branded ‘disgraceful’

Sorry about the gap in blog posts, I’ve had all manner of lousy internet connections which eventually required me taking a day off work to await the engineer (who didn’t come) and then take another day off for him to actually arrive and fix the problem. As this has coincided with Flo on holiday in the Mediterranean area…no posts from either of us!

More frustratingly, I can get internet in work, could browse during my lunch break, and saw several stories that were prime for SLN.

This is the first of them.

For readers beyond the UK, ‘GCSE’, General Certificate of Secondary Education, is the set of exams in numerous topics that pupils undertake at age 16. Im not sure how that coincides with your part of the world. International Baccalaureate in Europe? High School diploma in the US?

It appears that the current GCSE biology exams sport a section on pregnancy, and the accompanying photograph suggests the lady in question (who looks to be near full term) is sporting a Brazilian style pubic hair.

Which has vexed some people.

I can understand, in one sense, the laughable nature of the thing. What woman, days away from giving birth, has the time or interest in her pubic grooming? On the other hand, how empty are people’s lives that they get ‘angry’ about this stuff?

Not strictly a naturist post, but it goes to show the type of dogmatic views regarding pubic hair that have spilled over into naturist circles. Within naturism, there might be the occasional remark that ‘pubic hair isn’t natural’ (insert ‘rolls eyes’ and ‘snigger’ emojis of your choice here).


3 thoughts on “GCSE textbook showing a woman with ‘Brazilian’ style pubic hair branded ‘disgraceful’

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