Growing older

I got a comment (which required ‘approval’ prior to publication, and which I’ve not approved and have in fact deleted) following the publication of the Skagen Vinterbad post earlier today. This was along the lines that the people in the photograph weren’t young or beautiful.

I disagree on the beautiful part of it. All of us, regardless of age, are beautiful and old age is something to aspire to. Do you really want to be dead at 30, or 40, still looking ‘attractive’ (whatever the hell that is) or still be alive, full of beauty, memories and the like at 80 or 85? I know which I’d prefer! Not everyone is that fortunate, are they?

Although most people don’t, some avatars choose to wear older skins, and I wish more people would, if only to accurately reflect our society which is ageing rapidly.

The idea that we should stop taking our clothes off when we’re 50, 60 or 70 is an appalling attitude to have and the author of the comment should be ashamed of himself. While I have no machinery by which to stop him viewing the site, I’ve blocked him from making other comments in future. We really do not need that ageist attitude spoiling this, or any other, website.





3 thoughts on “Growing older

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  2. I see alot of brave, adventurous souls in these pictures. What’s with the youth that seem to be missing? Chicken? .No joie de vivre? I’ll take their happy and out going attitude over youth every time!

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