Skagen Vinterbad

The Skagen Vinterbad festival takes place at the end of January each year in Skagen, Denmark, centred around a clothing optional, but generally nude, swim in the icy waters off the very northern tip of the country.

The festival has its own website, and you can find out other information at the Danish Tourist Board’s own website too.



7 thoughts on “Skagen Vinterbad

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  4. I have always admired elderly nudes whether they are thin “regular” or plus size. In Malta it is no longer a rarity for over seventy persons pose nude for some art class. A British painter resident i n Malta told me how difficult it was before an over seventy year woman accepted to pose nude on one condition that her husband was present. She asked her husband to pretend he was an art student; but in fact he took it seriously and was a good student after all! I am not that sure whether it was the painter or one of her students who used her as a model to paint a modern “Naked Maya” and it was excellent!

    • I can’t help you with that, Eugene, as I wouldn’t have any idea how to do that. Hopefully some of the readers will have better computer skills than I do.


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