Editorial meeting

It has been a steep learning curve to come to grips with blogging, research, fitting in blogging time around real life and such like, but I think I’ve sort of cracked it now. I don’t see the same volume of posts as Ella used to be able to produce, but hopefully we’re now settled into a relaxed, weekly method of posting.

The three of us got together recently at Lake Nekid’s hot tub to discuss strategy as to how to move forward in terms of the editorial content, after which Howie (SLN publisher) dropped by for the financial meeting.

Yes, Howie bankrolls SL Naturist, so he dropped by to see what cash we might need to improve the SL Naturist experience, either in terms of the blog site itself, or items required for use within SL, props, poses and the like.

A productive meeting as we now aim our blog work towards the forthcoming naturist season.


4 thoughts on “Editorial meeting

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  2. We have thought about doing our own blog but coming up with material every week is quite tough, especially when are we both still employed. Takes a very creative talent to consistently accomplish that.

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