Mardi Gras, 2019

Here’s a post I had prepared for a couple of weeks back, but slipped through the net as a result of real life getting in the way.


Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday.

Or, in that restrained, stiff upper lip way we have in the UK, Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday.

Yes, while parts of the world go mad as we race into Lent, from the revealing costumes of Rio to the flashing for beads in New Orleans, we get to eat pancakes!

While not a naturist post, I’m taking a cue from Ella reporting various carnivals previously, and in the current social atmosphere I think it’s important to promote any sort of nudity, such is the prevailing sense of conservatism in the world.

At least in the context of carnival the entire Free The Nipple movement is acceptable.

Within SL there’s a place to get free beads, assuming you want your avatar to ‘flash’ the Mardi Gras crowds. And there’s also a full blown Mardi Gras parade to enjoy.

My guess is that many of the women who do flash their breasts in New Orleans during Mardi Gras aren’t typically the type who would ever contemplate such behaviour at any other time of year, but are caught up in the spirit of it all. Which leads me to ask the question, if women are prepared to do it, and the police (see the last photo) can tolerate it during Mardi Gras, why not at all other times of the year, and in all locations?


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