Happy Easter

Happy Easter, probably THE most important date of the Christian calendar, as it’s the day when Jesus rose from the dead. And a rebirth, a second life (no pun or diminishing of the resurrection message intended) is the core message in Jesus’ life.

I’m nominally Christian, although I’m not a church goer at all, but today seems like an apt date to kick off a short series in which nudity (and sexuality…we’ve found in discussions with numerous avatars in recent weeks that heir sexuality, as well as their attitudes to the naked body are tied to one, even though we, as naturists, know they can be kept firmly apart) and belief are examined.

Is it possible to be a Christian naturist? Well, yes it is. The two beliefs aren’t incompatible for everyone who professes to be a Christian.

We’re doing a series of posts on this topic because it seems that it’s a vexed issue for some. It is therefore interesting to discover where the incompatibilities and the crossovers exist. After all, the Bible begins with a story about Adam and Eve, naked and innocent.

So watch out for this short series being posted over the next couple of weeks, in which we explore attitudes to the naked body and faith.


Naked Archery

I saw some photos of naked archery (it’s a popular sport at many French naturist campsites, for sure, and  wondered if it was possible to do the same in Second Life. As with most things in the real world,it is!) Gigi

Naked Beach

The UK’s Channel 4 TV station has launched a new series called ‘Naked Beach’, wherein several people with body issues are encouraged to embrace their ‘faults’ (none of them look to be particularly invested in ‘faults’ to me).

I’ve not seen it, but I’ve read of the ‘outrage’ trending on the Twittersphere #NakedBeach about *gasp* seeing a penis on television before the ‘9pm watershed’ (the watershed being a thing in British broadcasting where no nudity is shown before 9pm in the evening). To those ‘offended’ by a penis, while watching a TV programme called ‘Naked Beach’, well, perhaps you need to consider your viewing choices. I think the clue is in the programme’s title. You have other channels you can theoretically view, or an ‘off’ button on your remote. Typically, Twitter appears to be a platform where people go to become actively offended about something they had a clear choice to avoid. Absolutely daft!


Naturist ping pong

SLN has covered the topic of naturist ping pong or table tennis before.

But in the rapidly changing world of SL, it’s worth covering it again, and from a naturist perspective 😉

When I started writing for SLN I was shocked at how Ella managed to keep the posts rolling out regularly, but as she’s sort of back (mostly in an advisory capacity) I’ve been IMing her inworld and getting an insight into how she did it!

Basically, she appears to have researched real life naturism and then seen if she could match real life to Second Life. What a simple, yet effective, idea!

Yes, you can do naturist ping pong/table tennis in SL as well as it being a popular game at many naturist resorts, where ‘the good life’, healthy eating and pursuits, such as sport, are encouraged as part of a broader naturist lifestyle.


Maru Maru poses

For those of you who play SL, I found some poses on the Markeplace by Maru Maru, three poses for L$1! I was struck by how classically styled these poses were, like the classic ‘arched back, boobs thrust forward poses that photographers have been asking for for decades. This isn’t a criticism. The poses simply struck me that they did have a ‘classic’ touch to them,and so I decided to pose them accordingly.  I’ve added a gallery of poses from real life naturism that demonstrate many of the ‘classic’ poses I’m thinking of.


Tunick in Valencia (2)

I previously blogged about Spencer Tunick in Valencia, but didn’t post too many photographs, as the source would have made it certain they were subject to copyright.

Since then, I’ve found some more photos from the event, and haven’t been able to clarify whose copyright they might be, or if any applies (yes, the original photographer’s work would make the photos liable to copyright, but not everyone is going to claim copyright on every ‘snap’ they take). On that basis, I’m publishing a few more photos from Tunick in Vanecia.


Nudity as theatrical political protest.

Last week The Guardian published a piece on nudity being a new form of political protest, via a play called  Isto é um Negro? (Is this a black?) a reaction to the censoriousness of the evangelical movement that helped sweep Jair Bolsonaro to power last year. In part, it is a response to the president’s intolerance of feminism, homosexuality and even the country’s famous carnivals. Standing before us undressed, the performers seem to say: “I am here. I exist. Do not deny me.”

Nudity in the theatre is nothing new. There’s a long standing tradition of clothes being removed in order to spark some form of debate, and nudity still has a power that tends to focus minds on the message being delivered.

In this play it appears that the actors are stripped of their clothes as much as Brazil’s new president wishes to strip funding from the arts and culture.

I’m not really attuned to theatrical statement, so it’s not something I’m going to dwell on too much in terms of the message, other than to say that nudity maintains a powerful presence when used in some productions.