Naturist ping pong

SLN has covered the topic of naturist ping pong or table tennis before.

But in the rapidly changing world of SL, it’s worth covering it again, and from a naturist perspective 😉

When I started writing for SLN I was shocked at how Ella managed to keep the posts rolling out regularly, but as she’s sort of back (mostly in an advisory capacity) I’ve been IMing her inworld and getting an insight into how she did it!

Basically, she appears to have researched real life naturism and then seen if she could match real life to Second Life. What a simple, yet effective, idea!

Yes, you can do naturist ping pong/table tennis in SL as well as it being a popular game at many naturist resorts, where ‘the good life’, healthy eating and pursuits, such as sport, are encouraged as part of a broader naturist lifestyle.


6 thoughts on “Naturist ping pong

    • And in a healthier way! Surely playing sports unclothed means no sweaty sports gear clinging to you, and allowing your skin to breathe properly?

      • Oh absolutely right about that !! My wife wouldn’t do it but talked a friend into playing tennis nude late one evening while the wife stood as our lookout. It was totally invigorating and thrilling. The amount of unrestricted movement without clothing was also amazing and surprising.

      • Ella…returning from the dead….writes… 😉 …I once did one set of naked tennis in Spain and was exhausted / dripping in sweat thereafter. Never again!

      • Laughing… have to step up your game !!! We are happy had the experience though. Naked hugs 🙂

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