Tunick in Valencia (2)

I previously blogged about Spencer Tunick in Valencia, but didn’t post too many photographs, as the source would have made it certain they were subject to copyright.

Since then, I’ve found some more photos from the event, and haven’t been able to clarify whose copyright they might be, or if any applies (yes, the original photographer’s work would make the photos liable to copyright, but not everyone is going to claim copyright on every ‘snap’ they take). On that basis, I’m publishing a few more photos from Tunick in Vanecia.


3 thoughts on “Tunick in Valencia (2)

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  2. Amazing that they found that many people who were willing to get publicly nude for that. Don’t think in the USA he could pull that off, people here simply too prudish.

  3. I think you’re right. However, in Europe, signing up for a Tunick installation is very much a vogue thing to do. People kind of encourage and cajole one another into this, same way as they might cajole one another into running a half-marathon or abseiling down a building for charity. Nowadays, a lot of people who would never identify as ‘naturist/nudist’ will willingly sign up for an event such as this. Indeed, you can find posts on the internet where people are begging Tunick to come to their country/city/location.

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