Happy Easter

Happy Easter, probably THE most important date of the Christian calendar, as it’s the day when Jesus rose from the dead. And a rebirth, a second life (no pun or diminishing of the resurrection message intended) is the core message in Jesus’ life.

I’m nominally Christian, although I’m not a church goer at all, but today seems like an apt date to kick off a short series in which nudity (and sexuality…we’ve found in discussions with numerous avatars in recent weeks that heir sexuality, as well as their attitudes to the naked body are tied to one, even though we, as naturists, know they can be kept firmly apart) and belief are examined.

Is it possible to be a Christian naturist? Well, yes it is. The two beliefs aren’t incompatible for everyone who professes to be a Christian.

We’re doing a series of posts on this topic because it seems that it’s a vexed issue for some. It is therefore interesting to discover where the incompatibilities and the crossovers exist. After all, the Bible begins with a story about Adam and Eve, naked and innocent.

So watch out for this short series being posted over the next couple of weeks, in which we explore attitudes to the naked body and faith.


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