Another night, another Eden dance!

SLN’s returning editor (with new mesh body) takes to  the dance floor.

Another Eden dance last night with a huge crowd.

This shows why SL naturism is important. Not all attendees may have been RL naturists, but through the game they’ve learned the acceptance found in RL naturism, and are open and warm to the idea. Anyone who believes SL is ‘just a game’ is wrong. SL can and does draw people to ideas and concepts they might not have been able to experience or understand in RL, but their eyes and minds have been opened to it by ‘just a game’. That’s why the input of all our staff and contributors are so important. What we’ve tried to do with this blog, and their writing, is through virtual naturism allow people to come to accept the real variant, and maybe experience it for themselves when the opportunity arises.

Tomorrow night, Ella and Pookes re-introduce themselves to the SLN readership and it’s back to being their baby! 🙂


No! I can’t wait until Thursday!

Actually, no! I’m going to announce our new co-editors right now, because I can barely contain myself with excitement!

In the photos, above, are our new co-editors!

I’ll let that ‘WTF?????’ moment sink in for a couple of days. The girls will (re) introduce themselves properly on Thursday.

But, yes, in the meantime, let that ‘WTF??????’ open-mouthed moment sink in. Both will explain the circumstances to their return in due course (as I said in the previous post, I wanted their introductions to be tonight, but for a couple of reasons, mainly related to mesh body experiments, many photos we’ve taken over the past couple of days were rendered obsolete, and so we have to begin again).

Excited? I hope so! Me too! We’re back, peeps! SLN is back with its former ‘A’ team editorial team! 🙂


Eden Naturopolis dance

Things are moving amazingly quickly in the world of SLN right now. So much so that in the space of 24 hours the introductory post to our new editors has been rendered worthless, as they’ve both upgraded from classic to mesh bodies to represent a more cutting edge look vital to SL naturist photography. As such, every image attached to that post has been made pointless. However, both were at Eden Naturopolis last night, when a dance was taking place (none of the three of us are in the photos).

A communal, naturist spirit prevailed, and it demonstrates just how badly Eden has been missed when so many avatars descended on a Monday evening to dance and actually embrace the spirit of naturism. Look! Not too much swimwear is on display! 🙂

I know it makes me sound like Im trying to build tension in advance of the announcement. I’m not. I’m just trying to give things some continuity so that our editors don’t be revealed to you with a specific look, and then change radically in the space of the next 48 hours!

Stay tuned!

I’m out with our editors taking photos right now. If we get things sorted, we announce tonight. As I’m busy in RL tomorrow evening there’ll be no announcement until Thursday if I’ve not got suitable photos with which to introduce them. Remember! All three of us are busily adjusting to new mesh bodies in SL!



I have an editor in place -again!- and I’m super-excited about this development.

We’re a real life/Second Life naturist blog, so as much as is humanly possibly, let’s get another couple of RL skinny dipping, sunset shots in before I go on.

Susie continues as staff photographer. An editor, and co-editor, are in place, and I hope to introduce you to them, and then let them take over, tomorrow evening (British Summer Time…so late afternoon on the east coast of the USA, late morning on the west coast).

Here she is!

More of her, picture-wise and words-wise, tomorrow!


Police cars

As ‘what you can do naked in real life can be replicated in Second Life’ has long been a theme of this blog, I’m going through some of Gigi’s unfinished drafts for posts and found this one.

I’ve no idea what the relevancy of the post was going to be, but it had a few real life photos attached, so I’ll post these just to clear the decks for any incoming editor.



I’m confident that SLN will continue, and to that end Susie will remain as staff photographer. Even in the absence of posts, she’s been contributing photos that could be used in connection with SLN blog posts, and great they are too.

It rather seems that we’ve lost access to our SLN Flickr page (more to do with changes at Flickr rather than any staff changeover) so I’ve not decided whether we’ll try to reclaim it, start a new one, or abandon Flicker entirely. Time (and a new editor, assuming we get one) will determine that.


London’s naturist pub

I need to keep things ticking over while the search for a new editor continues. It’s a rather time-consuming role, and I’m afraid people do fall by the wayside. I’m not bitter about it. I understand that people have lives and Second Life can only be part of it.

London now has a naturist pub.

Im not a a blogger, but I’ll attempt to keep the wheels turning in the meantime.



We’re editor-less again. 😦

Which will explain the lack of posts.

I’m trying to see if we can, somehow, some way, get someone new in place ASAP.


Any sign of summer?

No apologies for the lack of posts recently. I’m beginning this post with daffodils, because we see them in the UK as a symbol of spring/Easter. And although the daffodils have been and gone in real life, the chilly spring weather associated with them hangs on in the UK.

It’s definitely not naturist weather. So while I’m still going out in my winter coat I’m not feeling particularly inspired by naturist -and neither is the mainstream media. No stories, so far, about naturist events this year, something we could use to hang an SLN story on.

The daffodils above, incidentally, are from the new Eden Naturopolis build, and it’s beginning to look magnificent.

Here’s a small gallery of photos from it.

It will all be back to its former magnificence soon.

As for the range of naturist vs religion posts I promised a couple of weeks back, we’re currently looking at the implications for such a post. It’s not our desire to offend anyone, so while they’re written, and accompanied by both SL and RL photos, we’ve decided to hold back on these for a while yet. It may be that the series of posts are all rolled together as one.

I promise I will get back to posting eventually, but first I may need to feel the warmth of the sun to suitably inspire me out of my winter coat and into my birthday suit.