Any sign of summer?

No apologies for the lack of posts recently. I’m beginning this post with daffodils, because we see them in the UK as a symbol of spring/Easter. And although the daffodils have been and gone in real life, the chilly spring weather associated with them hangs on in the UK.

It’s definitely not naturist weather. So while I’m still going out in my winter coat I’m not feeling particularly inspired by naturist -and neither is the mainstream media. No stories, so far, about naturist events this year, something we could use to hang an SLN story on.

The daffodils above, incidentally, are from the new Eden Naturopolis build, and it’s beginning to look magnificent.

Here’s a small gallery of photos from it.

It will all be back to its former magnificence soon.

As for the range of naturist vs religion posts I promised a couple of weeks back, we’re currently looking at the implications for such a post. It’s not our desire to offend anyone, so while they’re written, and accompanied by both SL and RL photos, we’ve decided to hold back on these for a while yet. It may be that the series of posts are all rolled together as one.

I promise I will get back to posting eventually, but first I may need to feel the warmth of the sun to suitably inspire me out of my winter coat and into my birthday suit.


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