Police cars

As ‘what you can do naked in real life can be replicated in Second Life’ has long been a theme of this blog, I’m going through some of Gigi’s unfinished drafts for posts and found this one.

I’ve no idea what the relevancy of the post was going to be, but it had a few real life photos attached, so I’ll post these just to clear the decks for any incoming editor.



I’m confident that SLN will continue, and to that end Susie will remain as staff photographer. Even in the absence of posts, she’s been contributing photos that could be used in connection with SLN blog posts, and great they are too.

It rather seems that we’ve lost access to our SLN Flickr page (more to do with changes at Flickr rather than any staff changeover) so I’ve not decided whether we’ll try to reclaim it, start a new one, or abandon Flicker entirely. Time (and a new editor, assuming we get one) will determine that.