Eden Naturopolis dance

Things are moving amazingly quickly in the world of SLN right now. So much so that in the space of 24 hours the introductory post to our new editors has been rendered worthless, as they’ve both upgraded from classic to mesh bodies to represent a more cutting edge look vital to SL naturist photography. As such, every image attached to that post has been made pointless. However, both were at Eden Naturopolis last night, when a dance was taking place (none of the three of us are in the photos).

A communal, naturist spirit prevailed, and it demonstrates just how badly Eden has been missed when so many avatars descended on a Monday evening to dance and actually embrace the spirit of naturism. Look! Not too much swimwear is on display! 🙂

I know it makes me sound like Im trying to build tension in advance of the announcement. I’m not. I’m just trying to give things some continuity so that our editors don’t be revealed to you with a specific look, and then change radically in the space of the next 48 hours!

Stay tuned!

I’m out with our editors taking photos right now. If we get things sorted, we announce tonight. As I’m busy in RL tomorrow evening there’ll be no announcement until Thursday if I’ve not got suitable photos with which to introduce them. Remember! All three of us are busily adjusting to new mesh bodies in SL!


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