Another night, another Eden dance!

SLN’s returning editor (with new mesh body) takes to  the dance floor.

Another Eden dance last night with a huge crowd.

This shows why SL naturism is important. Not all attendees may have been RL naturists, but through the game they’ve learned the acceptance found in RL naturism, and are open and warm to the idea. Anyone who believes SL is ‘just a game’ is wrong. SL can and does draw people to ideas and concepts they might not have been able to experience or understand in RL, but their eyes and minds have been opened to it by ‘just a game’. That’s why the input of all our staff and contributors are so important. What we’ve tried to do with this blog, and their writing, is through virtual naturism allow people to come to accept the real variant, and maybe experience it for themselves when the opportunity arises.

Tomorrow night, Ella and Pookes re-introduce themselves to the SLN readership and it’s back to being their baby! 🙂