(Re)introducing Ella

Oh, my! Isn’t this a to do?

As they’d say in all the more upper crust English novels of the early 20th century.

No, I didn’t expect to be back in this chair, doing this thing, either. I thought blogging was something that had come and gone. But, hey, you don’t spend so much time invested in a blog that you want to see it wither on the vine, so when the opportunity to come back, and real life circumstances dictated that I could, I jumped at the chance.

So what’s new with me since I was last of this parish? Well, I’ve moved home -literally just down the road from where we were- and the family has got a dog. 🙂

My previous holidays (yes, another one is imminent!) have seen me out for a morning swim at first light, a time when dogs get walked along the beach with their naturist owners.

It’s one of those things where you look twice, first time you see it happen, because it’s not something you ever experienced before. In theory, where we are now has a field with some woodland (a copse) in it, and I could do my own naked dog-walking. But first, summer needs to arrive! 🙂

A copse


I’ve also decided, with my 40th birthday come and gone, that it’s time to get a shorter haircut. I did alter my avatar to reflect this, the whole second life reflects real life thing, but I decided that for the sake of continuity on this blog I’d keep my familiar hairstyle for a while. I’ve also invested in a mesh body, which is marvellous when you get familiarised with it.

In a sense, then, much of my SL now feels like a rebirth! And hopefully the blog now continues with fresh impetus as a result. Even in the time I’ve been away SL has subtly changed, for the better, and I certainly feel like a time when naturism within the game was under attack (in a new puritanism) is passing.

It’s great to be back! Onwards and upwards! 🙂


(Re)introducing Pookes

Like Ella, I didn’t expect to be back here. I left SLN on ‘maternity leave’, having got pregnant unexpectedly after years of trying and thinking motherhood wasn’t to be for me. And then a few months after the birth of my unexpected bundle of joy, I was pregnant again!

Both my children are at the toddler stage, and life is really full. But recently, when I’ve got the chance to get them to bed, I’ve drifted back to SL for fun and relaxation.

Ella, Howie and I have talked long about where this SLN thing goes for us. I don’t want to jump the gun too much, but one of our hopes is that we can take up office space at Eden and create an SLN presence there! Watch this space!

In real life naturism? I’m doing the Brighton WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) next Sunday 🙂

In honour of that, here’s some photos from past Brighton WNBRs.