Every woman will know the pleasure of getting your bra off at the end of the day.

So much so there are even memes about it!

I do like to get mine off in the evening, and let the girls free for a while 🙂

It’s healthier for a woman, too! 

My new mesh body, while a relatively expensive purchase, has been fantastic, as it has opened up an entire new wardrobe for my Maitreya mesh body. So many free gifts, so many cheap purchases, that the cost of the body itself will balance out in time.

And yes, sometimes naturists in SL do need to put some clothes on and venture out. But if we’re doing so, why should we be a little more confident and revealing in out bodies?

Hence the sheer dress I’ve bought for those occasions when out shopping. I’m dressed, but my naturist intent is clear!


No pants are the best pants

As naturists, we all know that no pants are the best pants!

So when I ran into avatar Linda at Eden, and she was wearing a shirt that expressed those values, I had to have it!

A trip to the Elegance Boutique, join their group (free) and upstairs to their gift wall and I, too, was the proud owner of such a shirt!

A quick message sent around the staff and…

Yes, I know the photos are a little bit naughtier than we’d usually publish, given we’ve all gone for slightly voyeuristic/exhibitionist poses, but given the message on the shirts, perhaps it’s best to demonstrate that no pants are indeed the best pants!

It’s very much a naturist trope anyway. Females feel the cold much more readily on their upper body than men, so it’s a regular thing in naturism to see ladies walking around with a shirt/blouse or similar covering their top half, but their bottom half bare. I know I and my friends will often reach for a T shirt first thing in the morning, or following a swim, just until we get warmed up again.



Susan has bought a lovely see-thru summer ‘Isadora’ dress, exactly the sort of thing to throw on after a (skinny) dip in RL or SL, from FurtaCor (Marketplace), for the princely sum of L$1!!!!

Precisely the sort of thing you see worn with or without a bikini on many beaches.

Definitely one for the naturist ‘wardrobe’.