Susan has bought a lovely see-thru summer ‘Isadora’ dress, exactly the sort of thing to throw on after a (skinny) dip in RL or SL, from FurtaCor (Marketplace), for the princely sum of L$1!!!!

Precisely the sort of thing you see worn with or without a bikini on many beaches.

Definitely one for the naturist ‘wardrobe’.


2 thoughts on “See-thru

  1. See-thru/sheer items are precisely what a nudist lady needs to compliment her skimpy wardrobe. I often throw one on sans anything else to go the mailbox, work my flower beds or even answer the door. Sure it has generated a few looks, car horn honks and long looks from joggers and walkers through the neighborhood. It’s fun, depending on the sunlight and where I am, thinking about how much they actually see vs how mach can they really see…………… a lady is entitled to a little fun too………hehehe

    Ms. K

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