Thank you, Brenda! Thank you, Eden!

I cannot say thanks enough to Brenda Hoisin, co-owner of Eden Naturopolis, for providing us with new office space at the Eden estate! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, Brenda!

Yes, we’re upstairs at a building on the Eden Kittiwake sim, and not only that, there’s a cafe downstairs which means we can retire the now ancient SLN coffee machine and simply nip downstairs for a coffee.

And in fact that’s what Susie and I are doing in the photo above. Although I’m not sure we should need to be availing of too many of their delicious buns, otherwise we won’t even be capable of making the stairs!

In celebration, I assembled the staff in the office and here you can see…a stranger 😉 , Pookes, myself and Susie (from L-R) in the process of filling our bookshelves with naturist textbooks, and getting down to work.

My next post will properly introduce that ‘stranger’ to you 🙂 with another development for SLN!

In the meantime, thank you, Brenda, for being a wonderful and loyal friend to SLN!


8 thoughts on “Thank you, Brenda! Thank you, Eden!

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  2. That sounds like a deal, Brenda 😀 If any of us are online, and not engaged elsewhere on SLN business, we’ll be at home base, and more than happy to froth up some pumpkins skinny latte (hey, we’re all English on the staff, so more comfortable with Earl Grey and Darjeeling! 😉

  3. You’re all more than welcome.

    I made some improvements to your new office space. I’ve upgraded the interior decoration and the door is now a sliding glass door around the rear on your new overhanging patio lounge area with scenic views. You also have a wall-mounted TV image display system which you can use to show off all your SL Naturist photos for visitors Just touch it and it’ll offer you further instructions (it also obeys your chat commands). I’ve put in working window blinds (touch to open or close) so you can have privacy when you needed it. And I’ve added a couple of standard lamps (touch for on/off) and a desk.

    Let me know if you have any trouble rezzing your own furniture or you need any further assistance.

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  5. I’ve been able to rez a box of poses, so I’m guessing furniture won’t be an issue. Happy to say that our ‘cafe manager Julie’ was able to rez a box of clothes (a waitress outfit featured in some photos) downstairs too, so that’s all fantastically user friendly for all of us. Thanks you so much, Brenda. And I really love the sliding door with the magazine logo etched into it. It really is a lovely little detailed touch!


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