Postcard from Spain 2019 : The first time naturist mother

Hooray! Internet is back on this evening 🙂

As I’ve not been scribbling at notes for SLN posts, and then typing them up in the evenings when the children are in bed and a bottle of crisp white wine has been opened 🙂 I’ve been chatting around the pool, where ‘keeping an eye on the little ones’ is part and parcel of the day.

To that end, I got into conversation with a French mother who speaks very good English, and I speak a little French, so we’ve got quite friendly as our children are the same age and, despite the language barrier, seem to be having a great time without the need for a common language.

A first naturist holiday for the lady in question, and the entire holiday her much more enthusiastic husband’s idea. None of the family were previous naturist. He, of course, apparently stripped within seconds of arrival, much to their children’s amusement, but neither of them appeared to need much encouragement to get out of their clothes at the end of a long, tiring drive through France and Spain, taking to naturism as children always do.

The mother was more reticent, and I watched her on the first day, bikini-clad, looking a bit ill at ease.

By day two, the bikini top had been discarded (it seems she did have some previous experience of that in her youth) but the body language was very much ‘keep the boobs covered at all times’.

Day three saw her throw caution to the wind regarding toplessness, and she was quite content to wander between the pool area and their apartment wearing nothing but her bikini thong.

Today? The thong has been discarded. It seems, as usual, that the hurdle of making a nude debut is the hardest thing to do, but once you’re over that hurdle, you forget about it in a short time.

When speaking to her about her decision to go fully nude, this afternoon, she said that everyone else looked so relaxed and at ease with their bodies that she decided to join the party. Tomorrow, I’ve asked her to join me on my usual 7am stroll along the beach, a lovely ‘wake up’ experience and a way to work up an appetite for breakfast. I hope she is up, and joins me, as promised. It’s one thing being naked in the presence of maybe half a dozen people (essentially her, my and another family) within our urbanisation, another thing to be totally nude, a mile away from your clothing 🙂

It doesn’t bother me one jot, but I’ve suggested she can bring along a pareo for her public, public debut. I shall report back.

In the meantime, my glass of wine is calling!


4 thoughts on “Postcard from Spain 2019 : The first time naturist mother

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  2. Fun storey and it does take some time for us ladies to get nude. I remember well the first time my husband and I visited the nearby nude resort. As we first checked into the office to sign in and give our info and brought up to speed on resort rules and such we were greeted by naked breasts, bare asses a smooth vulva and dangly 5-6 inch penis that flopped about like a chicken that had just lost it’s head. That was a lot to digest in about 10 mins time. We then went on golf cart tour of the facility and often greeted by other nude individuals and couples. This was more genitalia than I had seen in a life time. Yes, I was nervous and I was scared to be naked. But I also observed how calm and at peace they all were as well. The thing that really convinced me was that no matter the size or shape of any of these people, no one cared and nobody judged them. That sold me and made me far less nervous. After I was nude for 15-20 mins, I realized my fears were for nothing and becoming a nudist is one of the best positive things I have ever done for myself.

    Ms. K

    • Haha! Same here for my own debut, which is a tale told almost when I started the blog. I might re-visit that experience for the benefit of newer readers to the blog 🙂


      • Yes you should revisit it. First time experiences are good for all but also help stem the fears of others by letting them know they are not the only ones who have overcome a few obstacles to set themselves free.

        Ms. K

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