The European Heatwave : Naked living

Ffrom writing about the miserable weather, a week ago, Europe is now basking in a killer heatwave.

OK, I’ve relocated to Spain, where I should expect much better temperatures than at home, but this is content-wide now. Home (Scotland) is enjoying temperatures in the low to mid 20s, the south of England to be near the 30 mark at the weekend.

Madrid and Paris are to see the temperature hit 40+ in the next few days :-O

And it’s at times like this where stories are re-told in the media, and I regularly hear first-hand, that my ‘naturism now makes perfect sense’. Indeed. Why wear clothes when going naked can be much more comfortable!

OK, you do NOT want to be naked, outdoors, unprepared, in 40 degrees of heat. But now is the time to think of sleeping nude, being nude indoors and generally embracing the idea of naked living of you aren’t naturist. You will almost certainly feel more comfortable for it, indoors or out, like the people enjoying naturism in the gallery below.

It makes logical sense.

Jim and Ella enjoy cooling off with some outdoor naturism.


Poor Susan is meanwhile stuck indoors working on her photographs.
But the nude living experience makes it a much more comfortable environment for her.



7 thoughts on “The European Heatwave : Naked living

  1. We are also happy we can home office and do our work daily while nude, it’s comfortable and efficient !!

      • We once went 10 days without wearing a stitch of clothing. Drove nude to do errands that could be done from the car. Rented Redbox movies online, picked up and returned while nude late at night. It was great figuring out how to overcome some of the challenges to stay nude.

      • I’ve not managed that length of time, but we once did about four days at a stretch, including a naked drive to a naturist B&B several miles away that we had friends staying on. Our menfolk then went naturist hill-walking for several hours beyond the B&B. We drove back naked and when we told other friends they said we were lucking not to get arrested during the driving bit, as although nudity is technically legal in all of Spain, the police take a firm approach to even ‘topless’ driving -even by men! Apparently the police regard it as a health and safety risk. :-O


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