Heatwave breakfast

The weather is pretty remarkable across Europe right now. Even here on the Spanish coast it will top out at 32 degrees over the next 2-3 days, and that’s with the effect of being cooled by coastal breezes. Inland? Almost intolerable.

I once read an article about how, by mid-century, global warming would result in the likes of the Mediterranean countries becoming regularly ‘intolerable’ in the summer months. Where the direction of travel is mostly in a southern direction now, it was suggested that eventually it would go the other way, with Spaniards, Portuguese, French and Greeks all escaping to northern Europe, where their holidays would entail escaping the blistering sun in favour of something more tolerable. I arched an eyebrow when I read it (and it was probably long before the whole global warming debate became more front and centre as it is now)

The photo above replicates me yesterday, pen and paper in hand, scribbling notes for SLN-related articles (such as this one), and slightly ‘covered up’ because, well, sometimes you need to afford yourself a little bit of protection!

This morning I’ve taken my morning walk along the shoreline, naked in the early morning sunshine, gone back to the apartment to grab my laptop, and I’m now sitting in the shade having ‘desayuno’ (breakfast). Cafe con leche, milky coffee, and a tostado.

While there are dozens of places I could drive or walk to in a short space of time, I’d have to cover up for those, as they’re all beyond the naturist zone. So I give my trade to the same place, every morning, every year we’re here. For the naturism, the view, and the ambience. Where I am right now can be seen, in the distance, in a couple of the photographs in the small gallery below. Stay hydrated out there!


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