If the temperature isn’t crawling up to the low teens, it’s raining here in the UK. Constantly!

Summer is nowhere to be seen. It’s miserable!

Music festivals washed out. Many outdoor events cancelled. And no sign of summer on the horizon. Susan, out here in her Wellington boots, pretty much sums up the weather in the UK right now. At least some naturists are embracing their moment out in the downpours!


Coffee Diva (a naturist cafe)

As I’ve already reported, we have a new home base.

Beneath us lies Coffee Diva, a cafe on the Eden Kittiwake sim,  and we’ve already made friends with manageress Julie.

The smell of freshly ground coffee rises up in the morning, and once she gets the croissants warmed up….mmmmm….not much work done before 11!

When I started this blog I reported my own initiation into naturism, a summer waitressing at Cap D’Adge in France. The owner’s mantra was ‘when dealing with food, not in the nude’, so we had to be dressed under blazing sun all day long. We once made a request to at least go topless, but the owner refused (on safety grounds and hygiene grounds). With barely a break from 8am to 8pm, the sweat rolled off us, and we took to bringing and changing into a fresh T shirt half way through the day.

It looks like Julie adopts a similar, but slightly more relaxed, dress code. If you’re anywhere near Eden Kittiwake, tie up your boat and grab some coffee in the company of the lovely Julie (and the rest of us working upstairs all have barista experience at some time in our past, if she’s not there 😉 )

Nude eating and drinking are becoming ‘a thing’.

I hope to do a round up of places where naked dining is now possible, some time in the future.


Thank you, Brenda! Thank you, Eden!

I cannot say thanks enough to Brenda Hoisin, co-owner of Eden Naturopolis, for providing us with new office space at the Eden estate! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, Brenda!

Yes, we’re upstairs at a building on the Eden Kittiwake sim, and not only that, there’s a cafe downstairs which means we can retire the now ancient SLN coffee machine and simply nip downstairs for a coffee.

And in fact that’s what Susie and I are doing in the photo above. Although I’m not sure we should need to be availing of too many of their delicious buns, otherwise we won’t even be capable of making the stairs!

In celebration, I assembled the staff in the office and here you can see…a stranger 😉 , Pookes, myself and Susie (from L-R) in the process of filling our bookshelves with naturist textbooks, and getting down to work.

My next post will properly introduce that ‘stranger’ to you 🙂 with another development for SLN!

In the meantime, thank you, Brenda, for being a wonderful and loyal friend to SLN!


WNBR 2019

It’s WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) season here in the UK. London yesterday, Brighton today.

And just to remind you Pookes is riding in the Brighton one today, the second time she’s taken part in the WNBR.

We’ll be scouring the photos from the event later to see if we can spot our intrepid co-editor. Good luck Pookes!


Naked camping.

We left the children with Gran on Friday afternoon, and drove for about an hour away from our house, pitched a tent, lit a fire, baked potatoes, drank a little wine. Oh, and danced around the fire. Naked. By only the light of our fire.

I don’t know why, but we’ve never camped before in such spartan conditions, and never had the nerve to take our clothes off in what was essentially public woodland.

It felt a little bit ‘dangerous’, to tell the truth, but we soon warmed up to the idea of being a little bit ‘out there’. 🙂

Yes, it rained, but no, we didn’t get wet, as we’d pitched the tent under some conifers, which meant that even when the showers got heavier we remained dry and cosy. It was magical sitting there watching the rain pass us by. We shall certainly do it again!

And now it’s time to get caught up with all SLN related matters 🙂


Lake Nekid to close

Lake Nekid, currently home to SLN, is, we’re disappointed to report, to close on June 22nd.

The search for a new home in SL begins again 😦

In the meantime, here’s a photo of this week’s editorial meeting, taken at the lovely Lake Nekid.



Naked musicians

The time was when female musicians used their talent to get ahead, and while they were often beautiful, their naked beauty was a thing rarely seen.

Perhaps Grace Slick, of Jefferson Airplane, going topless was as ‘out there’ as it got.

Or Joni Mitchell’s naked bottom on a record sleeve.

While young men lusted after these ladies, these young men ‘dug’ (she says slipping into 1970s styled youth language) the music too.

And so it was for the 60s, 70s and early 80s. Beautiful women with beautiful talent who didn’t sell their music on the back of their naked image.

Then came Madonna.

For me, she pushed that nudity envelope (quite possibly because her music is dreadful: a personal opinion) and when signs of musical irrelevancy began to appear, she sexed it up with her book ‘Sex’, a series of photographs in which she is fully, or partially, nude.

All of a sudden the bar had been set higher in terms of using your entire, naked body as a promotional tool.

Things got so bad that within the past 5-10 years even that youthful, male audience had become entirely jaded by the reception. Every new ‘racy’ photoshoot by the likes of Rita Ora elicits groans from the audience, with social media comments like ‘not again!’ or ‘put them away love’.

The same goes for Miley Cyrus, more often naked than clothed, it seems, but at least she wasn’t afraid to get her belief in the naturist lifestyle out there, which meant you accepted that her nudity was as much an extension of her lifestyle beliefs as merely a promotional gimmick.

We even named Miley as one of our ‘Heroes of Naturism’ back in 2015

That’s a recurring thing I must bring back to life, our Heroes of Naturism awards!

But at least these singers have always sold records. Because they had a product people wanted to buy.

These days? Nudity on stage is commonplace, but a difference is that the nudity is the only selling point, as the music is almost uniformly bad. The irony is that it’s often ‘feminist’ bands/singers who claim their nakedness is ’empowering’ (that’s possible, but ’empowered’ is such an overused and thus meaningless word these days) while simultaneously moaning about the sexualisation and exploitation of women. And you don’t see the irony in being naked to an almost all-male audience?

Of course we then invited some SL friends to launch their own, naked, musical careers inworld! 😉