Yesterday was Brighton’s Pride Parade, and I was taken by a report in which there appears to have been a huge amount of litter and rubbish left behind, including thousands of laughing gas canisters and balloons.

Brighton’s residents have complained about the huge amount of litter left behind.

Last year, over 100 tons of litter was collected after the parade.

Granted, any large gathering of people, regardless of the issue, will generate slovenly behaviour, but really…people need to understand that respect is a two way street.

If you march for the demand to be respected, then it’s incumbent upon you to offer the same amount of respect to the environment. And this is naturist relevant because there is a large naturist community within the LGBT community, and naturists should be holding themselves to a higher standard of respect than others. WE demand respect as naturists, and do a bit to ensure that WE clean up the beach after ourselves. You know, ‘leave only footprints, take only memories’.

The same SHOULD apply to the LGBT community. You want respect? Start providing it. As a community, you shame yourselves in this regard! And if anyone thinks I’m having a go at a community, I am! Particularly when you keep demanding respect. As I’ve said, it’s a two way street. 😦

Naturists aren’t blameless, of course, plenty are equally slovenly. But really, Brighton Pride folk! If you’re preaching ‘respect’, start displaying it! The Pride Parade in my home town is always great. The war zone of litter left behind shames you all, though! (Yes, I’m angry…I live here!)


5 thoughts on “Slovenly

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  2. Amen to this message !!! When the wife and I nude hike we always carry a couple of trash bags and collect whatever trash we can. No, it’s not convenient. However we have always applied the old saying, “leave a place better than you found it”.

    • Well said!

      ALL genuine naturists should behave in this manner. ALL people gathering in numbers should equally take responsibility for the bit of the planet they inhabit at any given moment.

      Switzerland has long had a fairly robust approach to the issue of litter, to the point now where it’s quite possibly the tidiest place I’ve ever seen, and people take responsibility, reflexively, for their own actions.


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  4. 2018 enjoying a nice freezing Sept day on Brighton Beach (clothes optional part). When a group of volunteer rubbish collectors, from a local large company passed by. They said that they did this every year. Their organiser commented how they had nothing to do on that part of the beach, apart from some obviously wind blown items. She mentioned that this part of the beach was usually well kept, and she preferred to come here, even though the thought of being naked in public terrified her. The comments from others in the group about the textile beach, are best restricted to one word, “trash”.

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