A new season…

The entire summer was, as I previously reported, a wipeout. 

Poor weather, children needing attending, only one naturist holiday this year, back in June, and relatively little report-worthy naturism in real life to even report on! My most clothes orientated summer for 20 years!

Factor in ‘the builders’ (and the builders over-running on completion) and months have just slipped away with SLN taking a firm back seat.

Back now! And those who contribute to SLN are (almost) all back from their holidays, and we’re all feeling refreshed by having an enforced break!

When I couldn’t write, though, I was able to think about how to develop the blog. I’ve abandoned the Flickr account for SLN, as it was something of a bolt-on anyway, and I’ve spent most of the month, so far, just getting back inworld and seeing the changes to SL’s naturist community, and simply socialising before I go back to the usual routine of having to split a wider SL time into two sections…being inworld….or writing for SLN.

Spare a thought, too, for bits of naturist Spain buffeted and battered by the flooding hitting the region. In the photograph above we can see San Javier, the village outside Murcia which contains the regional airport, one we’ve often flown into, and then driven to our various naturist holidays in a couple of locations on the Mediterranean coast.

In previous bad flooding, we got out with hours to spare! We could see the lightning storms envelop Madrid as we flew homeward. By the next morning some of the bridges we’d crossed on our journey to the airport  had been washed away.

Back to more regular posting from this week!



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