Thanksgiving takes place in North America this Thursday, the fourth Thursday in November, and the day before what has become the utterly vile Black Friday.

We don’t do Thanksgiving in the UK (or, indeed, across Europe), as our equivalent might be Harvest.

Given that crops ripen at different times and in different climates around the world, it’s not a surprise that there are different dates.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this year, have a fabulous holiday.

Presents aren’t, as far as I know, given for Thanksgiving, but it is the commencement of the retail madness season. I don’t, and never will do, ‘Black Friday’, because it seems like such a crass, commercial experience. Do you really need to be involved in fistfights to get a new television? Probably not.

There have been petitions to ban it in the UK and fights have occurred at shopping malls due to it.

Second Life’s retailers won’t be immune to it either, with all manner of ‘deals’ offered. It’s safe to say I won’t be bothering much with it. However, when it’s all over, we can turn ourselves to the much more pleasant Christmas experience in SL. 🙂