Nudity as theatrical political protest.

Last week The Guardian published a piece on nudity being a new form of political protest, via a play called  Isto é um Negro? (Is this a black?) a reaction to the censoriousness of the evangelical movement that helped sweep Jair Bolsonaro to power last year. In part, it is a response to the president’s intolerance […]

Semi-naked protest in the UK parliament (happening as I type)

Within the past hour the UK parliament has been interrupted by a semi-naked protest in the public gallery by climate change protestors.  Police are apparently struggling to remove them because they’d glued their hands to the safety glass that separates the public from our political representatives (and there’s a clear disconnect between the ordinary people […]

Brazilian naked cycle protest

I’ve been reading about a naked cycle protest that has taken place in Brazil. This is to protests against reckless driving, with 37 cyclists having been killed in Sao Paolo alone in 2017. As is often the case, it’s the act of nudity that can still make such protests ‘newsworthy’.   Ella

A slightly bizarre nude protest

Liana Klevtsova, a student from the Russian city of Irkutsk, has recently made a protest against cutting down trees for Christmas, saying that we should utilise fake trees instead. To highlight this, she stripped off and posed in a Siberian winter, fully nude. The story is covered in many news outlets, including Russia Today. Liana […]

Naked protest at Auschwitz

My day begins early today with my usual trawl of the news websites. This is often ‘work related’, but occasionally a story involving nudity will catch my eye and work its way into the blog. One story, widely reported in the UK media, involves a rather bizarre naked protest at Auschwitz, the former Nazi concentration camp in […]

Argentinian Topless Protest (2)

  Trending on Twitter with the hashtag #tetazo (Explore, as far as I’m aware), the Argentinian topless protest continues to gather pace.   “In many places, when a woman reports gender violence, they don’t listen, but when a woman shows her breasts they send so many police,” said Grace Prounesti Piquet, a 33-year-old photographer with […]

Argentinian Topless Protest

  A few days ago a member of the public in Argentina contacted the police over some women sunbathing topless on the beach. A bit of a stand off resulted. Now, it seems, that more topless protests are planned in support of the women involved. An Argentinian ‘free the nipple’ moment, if you will. An […]

Nude Protest : The Doukhobors

There was some inevitability that a steady supply of Brit-based, RL naturist, SL-using avatars would run dry eventually, so I’ve been casting my net further afield in a search for a new co-conspirator to help write this blog. I’ve nothing against people from other locations, it’s just that I’ve hitherto found that being able to […]

Mexican Nude Protest

Mexico seems to have a history of protest that often includes nudity. I’m not certain why. I’ve tried to do some research on the issue, but I’ve not been able to establish exactly why the need to go naked forms such an integral part of Mexican protest culture (or so it seems). The latest nude […]