Wild Swimming : An occasional series

We’ve covered the topic of wild swimming before on more than one occasion. Essentially it’s people going for swims where swims aren’t necessarily intended to take place. Not that, swimsuit-clad (some wild swimming involves costumes and, indeed, wetsuits) on occasion, ‘skinny dipping’ on other swims, there’s anything ‘illegal’ about them. It’s just that they aren’t […]

Wild Swimming

Wild, or Secret, Swimming is something this blog has written about on several occasions, in August, in February, and in August 2012. It’s not something that I was aware of, other than reading through previous blog posts on SL Naturist, until last week, when I heard a thing on the radio about it, with ‘elderly’ […]

Wild Swimming

Back in February, we wrote about the growing popularity of ‘wild swimming’. Rather than go to a local swimming pool, it seems increasing numbers of people are seeking out a new swimming ‘high’ by sourcing waterfalls, pools, rivers and so on in which they can swim in ‘uncharted’ territory, as it were. Of course, if […]

Wild swimming

Wild Swimming is, apparently, now a very popular thing around the UK and in parts of Europe. So much so that I’ve found out the BBC3 television channel have previously undertaken a series of programmes on it, with presenter Alice Roberts going skinny dipping in a tarn in Yorkshire. The other main channel in the […]

Going wild! (Part 1)

In our youth, we do things we regret in later life, or maybe deny ever having been involved in. Or maybe just recall with a smile when we’ve settled into a conventional adult, married life routine, little bits of us we never reveal to our nearest and dearest. Of course, many of these tales involve […]

Among the Wildflowers (reborn) : Resort report

One of the things I picked up on when reading the archives was that Ella very much kept locations with sex poses off the table. Gigi and I won’t be doing that, basically because we can’t afford to! With fewer naturist locations around than previously (we assume by Ella’s posts this is the case) we’ve […]

Secret Swimming

I picked this article up from today’s (English) Daily Mail newspaper. Although it’s a skinny dip, it’s not entirely clear if all future ‘secret swims’ are going to be nude. The group’s own website has pictures and I’m still unclear as to the ‘skinny’ nature of it. Is it just a case of swimming in […]

Body phobia amongst SL designers.

I saw this photo online and I love it! Mixed gender, shame-free wild swimming that shouts ‘we’re too hot! Let’s get our clothes off in a non sexual way and cool off!’ Europe is in the middle of another record-breaking heatwave, and this sort of photo pretty much represents what all of us, naturist or […]