About us

Many people are naturist in SL, although many would not be naturist in real life. It’s a laid back, attractive lifestyle that appeals to many, both in and out of SL, but in real life some lack the opportunity, the amenable partner, or the body confidence to do so. SL allows them to experience naturism virtually.


Because of the popularity of the lifestyle, and the ever revolving number of naturist sims available in SL, we thought there should be a ‘magazine’ (i.e. a blog page) dedicated to it.


And this is it!


10 thoughts on “About us

  1. A wonderful thought and one much needed unbiased view on SL naturism and its hot spots.

    It is annoyng to see how often naturism in SL gets confused with meat market and the sex industry.

    Way to go, i can’t wait for the next number and to see your review on Eden!!

    Peaches Czavicevic-Kuhr

  2. If you need any information on The Eden Estate, please feel free to ask me anything. Eden has many special places and pastimes to offer the discerning naturist. For example, there’s the secret underground grotto, complete with giant mushrooms, animated animals and cave pools, and you can take a ride on the Pony and Trap tour that spans three sims from the Eden AirStrip up to Naturopolis, our capital sim – and we even a Sailing Club to traverse the tropical waters of the 30 Eden sims. Everyone who comes to our naturist paradise of Eden falls in love with it and many become residents of our island, living here in nudity and harmony.

    • Thank you Brenda. Eden is a very special place and we shall continue to make more reports from there as time goes on. I feel we’ve really only scratched the surface of Eden thus far.

  3. Why do you pretend this is about fresh air and living in the Natural state. It is all about loads of on tap Sex for sex addicts. # So many liars snd fakers out there

    • That’s not an untypical response and yes, there are ‘naturists’ for whom the lifestyle is just that…an opportunity for sex. One or two real life locations do cater for that, such as Cap D’Agde in France and Hedonism in Jamaica. They aren’t, however, typical of the naturist lifestyle. They are an anomaly. I don’t need to ‘pretend’. For most naturists the lifestyle is about fresh air and living in the natural state, and the notion that it’s ‘on tap sex’ is risible. In some resorts the demographic is 50-70+. That’s not to say 50+ year olds aren’t capable of having, or enjoying sex (and not necessarily even with a life partner), but it’s laughable to suggest it’s ‘sex addicts’. Yes, there are liars and fakers out there, not so different from any other lifestyle grouping in society as a whole. The blog has a very clear agenda, and that’s to ignore the liars, fakers, sex addicts (in real life) who would seek to use naturism for their own ends, and promote it as it overwhelmingly is, a celebration of fresh air, living in a natural state, eating healthily, taking exercise and so on.


      • Sounds like a troll to me. Obviously wanted to insult. Along with liars and fakers, there are plenty of trolls as well.

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