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I’ve now got my own page within the magazine on which to publish occasional photos, some of which aren’t particularly naturist but kind of related, if you get what I mean.

And I’m kicking it off with what might be the sexiest photo I’ve ever taken in SL. I was over at Su Casa photographing my friend Pam, and she was stripping down for the shoot (it’s such a hard SL!) when I shouted ‘whoa!!!!! Wait up!!!!’

It’s just a beautiful natural look. I was so pleased with this that I’ve done several versions of the same thing (I’m turning into Andy Warhol!).


Check out Oscar Zabala’s website. I stumbled across his work online, as I often scour the web for photo sites, drawing inspiration from many sources for my RL photography. In there, you’ll find a project called ‘Sojourners’, in which two guys and a girl appear to spend maybe a weekend away in the wild. I’ll not post pix directly as the work will be copyrighted. But when Ella speaks of there being some sort of ‘real life photography’ being used in 2013, the work in ‘Sojourners’ is more a sense of what’s to come. All of a sudden we won’t be posting endless nudist shots.


Here’s a couple of ‘framed’ shots I’ve done for an avatar’s portfolio, and she has kindly allowed me to ‘frame’ them. Ideally, I’d like to do more of this sort of thing and maybe upload them in world, so that you could, if you wanted, ‘buy’ them to hang on the walls of your SL home 🙂

tina's bath no.1tina's bath no.2


June 21st 2014

I should pay more attention to this page. Here are two photos depicting Priapus, which Ella deemed too racy for the main SLN pages.

priapus_001b priapus5_001b


March 14th 2015

As I recover from illness, I find I don’t have the energy to do things as I once did (for now).

While I’ve not really returned to SL yet, I have managed to at least get something done, even if it took me an hour where it might have taken 10 minutes previously. I am getting there!

sunbathing cover_PES_20150308


This replica/mock-up of a Vintage nudist magazine, Modern Sunbathing & Hygiene, actually shows Ella sitting on a diving board next to a swimming pool. At first glance it looks like a real photograph and this is the reason I am so pleased with it.




MASTECTOMY : Sunday May 24th, 2015

marlene mastectomy_001b

marlene mastectomy2_001b-002

Marlene displays ‘mastectomy’ tattoos available from Rav3n’s presence on the Marketplace. (L$99)

One thought on “Harry’s Pix

  1. I like the pictures. However Priapus may not convey a message that some naturists would be comfortable with.

    I would never have thought of mastectomy tattoos!

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