When real life impacts on SL Naturist

I passed through the lounge this evening and Countryfile was being shown, as a repeat, on BBC at 730pm. This is the programme that I featured in a blog post before Christmas and gave our Heroes of Naturism awards to presenter Kate Humble and co-swimmer (and film maker) Natasha Brooks for their naked wild swimming […]

EDITORIAL, December 2017

Over at Çommune Utopia’s sim, there’s a meadow where, I think, erotic readings sometimes take place. I’ve never been to that, I’ve no idea what it entails, as ‘erotic’ falls beyond the remit of this blog. Come to that, promoting Commune Utopia activities has previously led this blog into a little bit of bother, lol, […]

Implied nudity, rather than explicit.

I’m just following up our previous ‘Heroes of Naturism’ post on Kate Humble and Natasha Brooks ‘wild swimming’ on primetime British television with a few screen grabs of the event. I wasn’t expecting explicit nudity, but there’s a few rear views. Well done, both ladies! Nude swimming, or nude anything, has perhaps been introduced to […]

Naked at the Bothy

    A bothy was traditionally a stone house built for farm labourers, often on vast estates, across Scotland, Ireland, Wales and northern England. They fell into disuse with the advent of motor transport, thus allowing labourers to travel greater distances within the working day, but then saw a revival with the advent of leisure […]

The Polar Bares…

Last swim of the year, at Cap D’Agde Last weekend was that time of year when numerous groups would have held their annual ‘Polar Bare’ type of swim, Cap D’Agde being one of them. I note that it appears to be one of the more ‘traditional naturist’ events at Agde, simply naturists going into the […]

‘No nudity’?

There’s a few things about a nude Second Life I find irritating, notably the manner in which some sims demand ‘no nudity’. This isn’t how things work in real life, a real life which is very much gymnophobic. While SL presents an opportunity to shake off real life fears & phobias, with many avatars exploring […]

Second Life’s naturist geography

  Look at the four photos above. They’re all from Montalivet, a naturist campsite in France. The bike park exists because so many campers bring bikes with them, and will have ridden 2-3 kms from their camper van, tent or chalet on the other side of the woods in which Montalivet is sited. This photo […]

The Sweat Lodge

Thanks to Gerald’s excellent description, in the comments on the Rainbow Gathering post, which are posted below, I’ve been reminded of my one and only ‘sweat lodge’ experience. Gerald writes… Gatherings are clothes optional. Many like the feeling of freedom. Others see in nudity a spiritual component. Either way here we are creating an Eden […]