My first time : the Finnish sauna

When I was at school we had a foreign exchange cultural holiday, writes guest columnist Deborah, when a class from Finland came to our school for a week and, later, we returned to stay with them for a week. We’d put up a student at home when they were here in England, and we’d stay […]

Femicidio es Genocidio (Part 2)

More photos from the Feminicidio es Genocidio protest held in Buenos Aires recently. The ‘scream’ photos are intended to show a shriek of noise against violence perpetrated against women. It is a collective voice that needs to increase in volume around the world. While many groupings rightly have their voices heard about their rights, and […]

Femicidio es Genocidio

I’ve been alerted to a nude protest in Buenos Aires about violence against women (report, in Spanish, via this link) Another is planned for this Saturday. You only have to read the inside pages of your local newspaper -violence against women is rarely font page stuff- to know it’s a global problem that we must […]

No Nukes

The forthcoming British election (June 8th) has resulted in us being swamped by politicians telling lies in various forms of media. No change there. It has also resulted in questions being asked of the Labour Party, the opposition party, regarding their position on Trident, the UK’s nuclear ‘defence’ system. The party are for it, while its […]

Faboo gifts

Faboo is one of my favourite beachwear stores, and they’ve got a lot of group gifts set out (no joining fee) for both men and women. Evie models an open, tied shirt along with a long sarong (a shorter version, not photographed, is also available. Meanwhile, the shorts caught my eye, definitely something I do […]

The 2nd annual San Francisco Nude Love Parade.

At the beginning of the month we reported on the then upcoming Love Parade in San Francisco, led by Gypsy Taub. I’m delighted to see that a youtube video of the day’s events is available. It’s 30 minutes long and don’t worry, it’s only the ‘front page’ image that is pixellated. This got me thinking. […]

The Oscars

I don’t go to the cinema. I find it an uncomfortable sit with not enough leg room and no neck support, some films are ridiculously long (90 minutes seems like an optimum length for a film to me) and I don’t ever really identify with the characters. I don’t feel their joy or their pain, […]

It’s tedious already…

  The Daily Mail reports on a fashion show that took place at New York Fashion Week. It included a ‘political message’ on a pair of underpants. Alternatively, it’s more virtue signalling from a not very important, but ludicrously revered, industry and a rather puerile attempt at politicising fashion. Only a month into the Trump […]

Women march against Trump

You can’t have failed to notice women marching in protest against President Trump over the weekend, not only in the US but around the globe. I won’t comment about another country’s choice of leader, although the fashion in a social-media fuelled world is to imagine that we all immediately grasp the nuances of another nation’s […]

She’s all fur coat and no knickers

Here in the UK we’ve got an expression ‘she’s all fur coat and no knickers’ which means she (it”s an expression almost always applied to a female) has a veneer of elegance, class or style but, underneath she’s actually quite common or boorish. She may try to present herself as someone of ‘wealth’ in the […]