Postcards from Spain, 2017 (2)

Well, we’re settled into our apartment. Down to the beach first thing, some swimming, some sunbathing, a low-key afternoon and then a good part of the afternoon around the apartment block’s own pool. We’ve been out for dinner to a pizza place, and Jim took the children back to the apartment to get them showered […]

Naked in the outback

Marcia, an SLN reader in Australia, writes to tell me that she and her husband live in the ‘outback‘. They enjoy getting out and about, and go kayaking on a nearby (250 miles???) river. ‘We get naked out there’, she says, ‘but would you say it’s proper naturism, given that it’s just the two of […]

My nude debut : Sylvia

As I’ll be on holiday with Sylvia, I thought that I’d get her to tell us a bit more about herself. She’s not an SL player, so the photos we’ll be using are from one of my alts, the ‘Eve’ that gets rolled out a couple of times a year. I’ve tried to create a […]

Updos and other comments about hair

An IM from an SLN reader challenges us on why none of our models wear their hair up (or in an ‘updo’ as the hair designers of SL put it). ‘Surely’, she suggests, ‘women with long hair tend to wear it up when swimming, naturist or not’. In my defence, I’ll say I’ve worn mine […]

Harry’s Pix

I’ve now got my own page within the magazine on which to publish occasional photos, some of which aren’t particularly naturist but kind of related, if you get what I mean. And I’m kicking it off with what might be the sexiest photo I’ve ever taken in SL. I was over at Su Casa photographing […]


From what I can gather, there’s a SL Naked Bike Ride group, and they just may be organising a SL Naked Bike Ride. Information on the RL version can be found here, with an official UK site here, a different wiki web entry here, the San Francisco related website here and the Montpelier version here. That’s just […]