Skinny dippers corner

2 thoughts on “Skinny dippers corner

  1. Have you ever heard of two Spaniards skinny dipping at 2.00am were taken to Court and given a suspended sentence? It seems these things only happen in Malta, supposedly a European country and a member of the European Union?

  2. Hello to all, from Blind user Ron.
    I live in Erie Pennsylvania.
    For some sad law, it’s illegal to ware one’s birthday suit out in public, or to be in one’s birthday suit in a local gym and or at the local Glenwood Y.M.C.A.
    We all were created by the same being who we just celebrated his only son’s birthday yesterday on December 25th.
    Adam and Eve didn’t mind going around in their birthday suits until they bit into the apple that they were told not to eat.
    We’re not looking to hurt or rape anyone or to hurt anyone’s feelings.
    But it’s crazy to be embarrass to being in one’s birthday suit.
    I was at the Pittsburgh School for the blind in 1973 and in 1974.
    The boys all went nude swims, but sadly we had to go in a artifical swim suit when on Thursday nights we had a co-ed swim.
    I say that we have co-ed locker rooms and be in the buff at all times, but to also behave oneself at all times as well.
    My only question is this.
    How can a guy control his sex organ to keep it down and behaved?
    Ladys don’t have anything sticking up like we guys do, and just would love some support to help keep it down so I don’t get arested.
    Many thanks.

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