SLN11 : Naked Gardening

Abbey House Gardens, in England, is home to Ian and Barbara Pollard, famously known as ‘The Naked Gardeners’ because they garden….naked.



They also open up their home to ‘clothing optional days’ so that naturists can enjoy the splendour of the gardens. Their garden is very well known, not for the fact that they’re nude, but because it’s…a wonderful garden. Several UK TV programmes have featured Abbey House, including this short piece from BBC’s ‘Countryfile’ programme (dedicated to all things rural). Another piece from BBC’s ‘The One Show’ can be found here.

Being a naturist in nature are things that seem to fit together perfectly, it seems.


The best way to garden?

The Dutch are famously fond of gardening and flowers, and I caught up with Dutch avatar Johannes recently to discuss naturism and gardening.

Barbara: Why are the Dutch so fond of flowers and gardening?

Johannes: I don’t know. It’s just something in our culture. There’s a pleasure in growing things. You know, we have to grow a lot in Holland, including land! There’s not much space around, so we feel a need to maximise it and even window boxes fulfil that need.

Barbara: You’re a real life naturist?

Johannes: A little bit. On holidays, for sure. It’s natural. At home there is not so much chance for this on a daily or weekly basis.

Barbara: Would you like the opportunity to combine both on a full time basis?

Johannes: Maybe, when I retire. For now, a little bit of gardening and a little bit of naturism are good.

gardening1 gardening2

Barbara interviews Johannes at the greenhouse

gardening3 gardening4 gardening6 gardening7

Barbara met and chatted with Johannes at The Greenhouse sim, a beautifully laid-out gardening sim, which is open to the public.