The Alanis Gallery

While we take a real world lifestyle and attempt to re-create its various strands within Second Life, there are those whose real life art is moving in the same direction, created for real, then transported into the grid for people to marvel at, buy in virtual form for their virtual home, and also have the opportunity to buy it for real by linking through to the various artist/photographer’s website and making a purchase of a print. Cool? I think so.

The Alanis Gallery specialises in sensual imagery, paintings, photographs and whatever other medium can be uploaded into SL.

The gallery is huge. I spent a good hour wandering its various corridors and wings, viewing the images on display. What I like about it too is that the sim builder has done this brilliant job of creating an older gallery, architecturally speaking, and then added a wing in a more contemporary architectural style, which looks fantastic. There’s some clever thought process going into that particular build.

What interests us more here on SLN is the gallery contents.

alanis gallery1_001b

Imagery at the main door prepares you for what’s inside

alanis gallery2_001b

A sign inside the main entrance spells out Alanis Gallery’s mission statement

alanis entrance_001b

There are quick tp points to various exhibitions inside the entrance as well. I’ve photographed this in b&w, and from distance, to protect the creators’ intellectual property rights as best I can.

As you can see, there are at least 21 exhibitions ongoing right now. Yes, I did have a favourite, but I’m not going to tell you which 🙂 I suggest you go over to the Alanis Gallery and easily kill off an hour or more enjoying the various exhibits.

While it’s not exactly a naturist sim, I don’t anticipate that many of its visitors would object to a but of avatar nudity, do you?

Which is exactly what I did while having tea on one of the gallery’s balconies. This sim is thoroughly recommended.

alanis entrance table_001b