Alanis Sensual Gallery

I’ve written about the Alanis Sensual Gallery before, and felt it was time for an update.

I’d met up with art lover Djevica there, and arranged to meet up with another chat with her. If you haven’t been to Alanis Sensual Gallery, go, because it’s a wonderful, revolving collection of RL art (much of it depicting the nude, some depicting ‘the erotic’) that you can buy and hang in your own SL home. And the gallery is huge, so you can easily while away a couple of hours wandering the exhibits.

One of the things I like about it is that you’ll find plinths dotted around the place where you (or your model) can hop on and depict themselves in ‘classical’ art poses. I’m pleased to say that Djevica was more than willing to pose for me. 🙂

As the art works are copyrighted, I’m not about to reproduce them in my photographs, and I’ll respect the work of the owners of the artworks accordingly. So giving you a flavour and feel of how the gallery looks is quite difficult without infringing on copyright.

But if you’re a SL art lover, it’s certainly a place you’ll want to visit again and again.

djevica1_001b_Sprout_20140218 djevica2_001b_Sprout_20140218



The immense size of the gallery can be seen with this overview of the ‘old wing’ of the gallery -in an older architectural style- and ‘the new wing’, created in more modern building materials. I love this! It shows wonderfully clever thought that has gone into the construction of the gallery.

alanis3_001b alanis4_001b


Djevica poses on two further plinths for me, blurred around the edges to protect the copyright of the artists displayed, and to create a sense of size and space in the gallery.