Which fantasy world is leading which fantasy world?

See through fabrics are apparently ‘the thing’ in the fashion industry ‘this season’ (whatever that means).



Interesting that The Independent asks the question ‘but can they work in real life?’

Is this some sort of admission that fashion is little more than a fantasy world where implausibly shaped women who rarely bear any reflection to any town near you end up wearing some ridiculous costume that is, for what you’re getting, likely to be ludicrously expensive and not very practical?

What is ‘see through fabric’ anyway? Cling film?

I typed the words ‘see thru’ into the Marketplace search box and got 43 pages of results, with a capability of several of the outfits to resemble the one worn by Kate Moss (above).

Typing the words ‘see through’ in and there were even more results, many even closer to Kate Moss’s style.
seethru1 seethru2

Photos above courtesy of Ally’s Adventures Marketplace presence

The best I saw was by Ally Adventure, so I headed over to her inworld store where the clothing is advertised as ‘chainmail’ rather than ‘see through’, and tried on some of her demo versions.

I have to say I love these clothes, and would certainly have bought, and dared to have worn, an item like this to, say, Frank’s Jazz Place. The only thing that put me off buying it was that I don’t often dress up in SL, and don’t really go dancing either, so I can’t really justify the cost. But if you are an avatar who likes either of these things, I can’t recommend Ally’s clothing highly enough.

pookes chainmail dress_001b

It did leave me pondering one question, though.

Which fantasy world is now leading another fantasy world in the haute couture stakes?