George Smiley and April Hutchinson on tumblr…inspiring Harry Leistone and Diane Toxx on SLN?

I sincerely hope I’m not infringing copyright here…but I do love this photograph…



…which is a self-portrait of George Smiley and April Hutchinson from George’s tumblr presence. See? Not all tumblr sites are the same, despite my comments here.

As others appear to have reblogged George’s work without there being any apparent copyright infringement, I hope we’re OK with it…but if George or anyone representing him wishes to have the post taken down I will, of course, comply immediately and offer my sincere apologies for infringement of copyright.

What attracts me to the photo is that both are armed with cameras and I thought…..Harry?…Diane?…..would you like to replicate this in an SL setting? 🙂