Underarm hair…it’s a trend, apparently

Back in May, Miley Cyrus was in the news (again) for revealing dyed underarm hair.

Around about the same time I was experimenting with underarm hair, in the sense I was growing it! I wasn’t putting any dye on there, but I had a period where I was quite happy not shaving under my arms and I quite liked the look. I just got lazy in respect of having to do it all the time…a week went by…then a second…

‘Eewwwwww!!!! Gross!!!’ said friends when I mentioned it (or if we had a rare warmish day when I’d be in a tank top and it was visible). I went to the swimming pool, as I do most weeks. ‘Disgusting’, a teenage girl muttered to her boyfriend as I raised my arms to put my swimming cap on, ‘I bet she doesn’t shave anywhere‘, hissed the boyfriend before they both giggled. Just my legs, dear, just my legs.

Strange how we’ve all become conditioned to think of what grows naturally as ‘gross’.

Or do we?

I’ve read that females with unshaven armpits is a bit of a trend on instagram. The NY Post also has done a piece on this in the past few weeks, with one Mum who has stopped shaving her armpits saying “it was kind of startling that these gender stereotypes were already so ingrained (in her five year old daughter). I do it, or rather don’t do it, for me but also as a reminder to my daughter that it’s up to the individual what we decide to do with our bodies.”

Others have taken to youtube to show their approach to  the issue, and explain why shaving is now, for them, ‘out’.

ella armpit hair_001b

As a result I took to wearing underarm hair in SL. It did attract comments.

‘Are you like that in RL?’ asked one avatar, and even in text form on the screen you could almost sense a disapproving wrinkling of their nose at the idea.

I didn’t do it to attract comments but just to reflect RL as it was at the time. Besides, I’m operating my life (and Second Life) for me, not you. Your opinion is worthless to me.

We all change hairstyles from time to time, many of us will wax our shave our ‘bikini line’, and many of the younger generation now routinely remove all traces of pubic hair. I suppose there are positives and negatives to this: received wisdom is that pubic hair is there to cushion friction against sensitive parts, and removing it can lead to infections. On the other hand, pubic lice have been practically wiped out around the world due to many women removing their pubic hair. In times gone by, pubic lice, often known as ‘crabs’ was linked in with other venereal diseases.

In the past, apparently, it was not uncommon to hear people talk of having to visit a ‘VD clinic’ because they had ‘a dose of the crabs’ or ‘a dose of the clap’ (gonorrhoea). Nowadays these are referred to as STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) after a period of being known as STD’s (sexually transmitted disease). The reason for the ‘rebranding’ is obvious. These are often easily treatable infections, not a full-blown ‘disease’.


Winning World War 2 by not having sex.


But we’re drifting away from the point of the initial post here. Let’s get back on track.

Body hair is natural, there is nothing gross about it, and it’s high time that the media stopped perpetuating the myth that there’s something wrong with it. There isn’t. What there is something wrong with is the idea you can or should be belittled, sneered at or held in contempt for making your own body choices. In a time of tattoos being fashionable, would we stand for people like the media adopting the same approach to tattoos? ‘Ooh, they’re gross. You look like a tramp‘, etc, etc. No. It would be regarded as bullying. The same applies here. A woman’s decision to grow her armpit hair, or even dye it thereafter, should only be reported as that person indulging in ‘a bit of colourful fun’.

During research for this piece, I discovered that it’s not just armpit hair that’s getting colourful. Some ladies are extending use of that bottle of dye downstairs as well.




I don’t know about you, but I think these two photographs (above) are absolutely stunning and beautiful. They make me want to….well….

..where’s my alt? 🙂


Hahaha! I like it! I actually like it a lot! 🙂 I got this short hairstyle at Boon & Saikin. Perhaps I need to give my main avatar a radical makeover! 🙂

As for ‘downstairs’, we’ll take this back to where we came in, and the shock revelation that, yes indeed, Miley isn’t a total fan of the razor (follow the first link in this post).















Dyeing out? Shaving under your armpits might just be a thing of the past.

I note The Guardian reports that ladies growing armpit hair is a thing now.

They say it will be 2015’s most subversive trend. Not sure about that. The first rule of subversion is not to tell anyone you’re trying to subvert something before you’ve subverted it.

This pit-hair colouring is the work of Seattle blogger Roxie Hunt, whose thoughts on the topic may be read on her blog. Thankfully, she never mentions the word ‘subvert’. That’s the sole preserve of lazy journalists.

Roxie signs off the post with the thought that, having done a friend’s armpits, she could…you know…maybe do her bush too.

At this time of year it would be entirely possible to do it without anyone (other than family, maybe) ever finding out anyway, due to us all being pretty much permanently covered up in that area of our bodies.

I have to confess that the idea of it tickles me (no pun intended). As you know, you’ve seen the pix 🙂 I keep it natural ‘down there’ (SL replicating RL, again!) so I went exploring on the Marketplace and found pubic hair and armpit hair from Route 666 for L$89

As Eve’s original hair (from Dura) was a strawberry red colour, she had to head off to the bathroom for a cut and dye job, another hairstyle from Dura (L$120) that was more of a deep blue shade that I liked.



Here’s Eve in her pyjamas, about to apply colour when she realises it’s always a damned messy job, so…




You just might be able to tell in this shot that she’s already done ‘down there’ too. 🙂

And finally, dye in place for the correct length of time, she washes it off to leave her body hair looking….marvellous! Yes, I know some of you will readily disagree. 🙂

The pubic hair isn’t as realistic as Nearly Tactile’s work, but it at least does have the effect of looking kind of alt.girl, as the Guardian put it.

Anyway…the finished results?



These are ‘tattoo’ layers from Route 666, and you have the options of apply them as one layer (i.e. upstairs and downstairs together) or separately for each area of the body.

And there we have it. SLN ahead of what’s tipped to be a trend in 2015. I have to say, slipping off my Eve alt persona (she’s so unlike me) and back to being Ella, that Ella might well just add the Route666 underarm hair herself in this calendar year 🙂



From time to time SLN has reported on body hair as an add-on for your avatar.

With this in mind I’ve been exploring for possible new developments in these…er…areas, and managed to locate something that isn’t new, but is new to me, on the marketplace.



At L$89, it’s a snip (no pun intended). While Nearly Tactile’s pubic hair (for men and women) remains the benchmark for genital hair, they don’t do underarm hair, and this set (both underarm and pubic hair come in panty and tattoo layers) gives a natural look to the underarms, if you are into that look. I also think that both would equally suit a male avatar. So if you need some body hair on a budget I suggest you try the marketplace, type in ‘underarm’ or ‘armpit hair’, and grab this nifty set.

NB: Despite there being reference to an in world store -which exists- I couldn’t see this collection being sold on site, so we picked it up from the marketplace and gave it to our model to model!

ellana hairy armpits_0012b