Paradise Lost (1)

I learned, earlier, that a production of Milton’s Paradise Lost, the story of Adam and Eve’s fall from Grace, to a score by Mozart, is being staged in Second Life. And the production features, well, nudity. It is Adam and Eve, after all. Tickets are being sold at L$1000 a pop on the marketplace, but if the photos I’ve seen are anything to go by, this is a step up in how SL is used, and may well be worth the money.

The production is being staged by the Basilique Performing Arts Company, and they have their own blog on the internet.

We’ve seen photos!…it looks like a winner. You can check out photos from the performance on that site, a flickr photo stream or on Ziki Questi’s blog.

Additionally, Canary Beck, one of Basilique’s movers and shakers, has a blog of her own as well. Plenty to occupy you if you’re into your (performance) Art, some of which, as I’ve said above, includes some nudity, so thumbs up from SLN on that basis.

While SLN always has reservations about using other people’s photographs for copyright reasons, I’ve less concern about providing the link to a trailer for the production on youtube. I recommend you watch and get some sense of just how much goes into this production and, I guess, the rest of Basilique’s work.

Simply wonderful!

I found the Basilique sim through a search, but I appear to not have permission to visit (and photograph it), which is a shame, but we can’t let an SLN post pass without a photo, so I asked Diane to find a theatre where we might, at least, give a sense of nudity in performance. So she dragged me along to a little performance space where she got me to do a bit of posing. barbara harp_001b barbara harp3_001b