Cock in a sock

When I was a girl, I loved Boy George & Culture Club. We would go through the magazines aimed at our age group, publications like ‘Smash Hits‘ and hang on George’s every word. We’d experiment with our older sisters’ or our Mums’ make up, even though we were 10-11 years of age.

Somewhere along the line, I remember a quote of George’s saying he would love to be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ ‘sock roadie’. I didn’t understand until I saw this photo…



Might this be the first ever incident of ‘cock in a sock’?

Scroll forward thirty years, the invention of Facebook, and ‘cock in a sock’ made a welcome/unwelcome return as one of those very silly internet memes (like the ice bucket challenge). Thankfully it didn’t take off in the same way the ice bucket challenge did, but I know it did get to be briefly popular, with men replicating the RHCP’s pose and making a donation to charity (to testicular cancer, if I recall correctly).



My attention has been drawn to the fact that you can actually replicate this ‘phenomenon’ in SL.

cock in a sock_001b

Yes. No matter how silly RL can get, SL will be quick to replicate it!

A ‘cock in a sock’ set can be found on the Marketplace, from ieQED, priced at L$75

Like the male thong, I don’t quite understand why people would want this accessory in their wardrobe, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway. There’s almost certainly someone out there who will say ‘the very thing!’ 🙂