No Bra Day



I missed doing this on the day due to work commitments, but I’m happy to pick it up now and fill you in on the background to the thing.

It seems there are two No Bra days, one in July, one in October (October is generally agreed to be Breast Cancer Awareness month, and you’ll generally find many events in SL that are designed to raise money to eradicate breast cancer). No Bra Day, on the other hand, appears to have been some sort of novelty event about ‘freedom’ and then there has been some subsequent jemmying of it to see if it can be made to fit into October events.

I don’t think we can assume No Bra Day to have any sort of cancer awareness intention, something that Sarah Michelle Gellar commented on via Twitter, suggesting it may exist to pander to perverts

Is she right? Possibly. I’m not seeing much that can be clearly identified as ‘breast cancer initiatives’ about the campaign.

Again, there was ‘a thing’ a while back where there appears to have been some sort of urban myth that a bra might contribute to breast cancer, but that has been dismissed via scientific research.

I’m simply going to say that I kind of agree that it has no proper purpose other than an opportunity to encourage ladies to flash the flesh. As usual, though, Fox News manages to talk the greatest load of drivel about it in as few words as possible.

For the record…there is NO ‘annual holiday’ for ‘setting the girls free’. There’s no real sense of breast cancer survivors hard-selling this on social media. Additionally, I would say that almost 100% of the world’s males are attracted to breasts, so I’m not sure that looking at them makes men ‘perverts’. Rather more…normal? Even one of my Spanish friends who is gay will remark on mine (and other females too) so it seems it might not even be exclusively a hetero male thing (admittedly a poll sample of ‘1’ is hardly scientific).

I’m minded to think that it’s not really a serious attempt to raise aware anything in and of itself though, and Hollywood Life blog certainly does its bit to reinforce that idea. That link shows a parade of braless (but clothed) ‘stars’, many of whom I’ve never heard of, and ‘braless’ in a couple of photos are of evening gowns. Who amongst us has worn an evening gown with a bra? I’m no fashion victim, but even I know that you aren’t going out dressed like that!

The only positive I can draw from this is that if another tranche of braless celebrities sharing their nipples with us reminds someone to check for anything unusual about their breasts, then it’s worth it. But please let’s not pretend that ‘No Bra Day’ is a particularly serious event.