Growing up with naturism

I think I need to give up work and just write this blog full time. 🙂

Why? The more immersive the SL experience, the more satisfying it becomes. The more time you get in SL, the greater the sense of fun. As if my weekend hasn’t been action-packed enough -let’s blame the Irish for their capacity to drag us along to their party, yes? There have been many well-attended St. Patrick’s Day parties this weekend which have certainly manifested themselves as well-attended clothing optional events). May I raise a glass of stout to St. Patrick for that – I tp’ed into Blue Lagoon (again!) this afternoon. More pix of this afternoon’s dance coming up…

Their St. Patrick’s Day party was still going on. From Friday night????? While there Brenda, co-owner of Eden Naturist Estate, IM’ed me. We spoke about a range of topics (yes, I’ll be sharing some of the other matters we discussed here on SL Naturist in due course) but Brenda and I were focussed on one thing in particular: a post she’d received from Swedish avatar Kynlif.

Kynlif had hoped that she could share her words, her experiences and her photographs on the Eden Naturist web page, but Brenda thought that Kynlif’s contribution fell more into SL Naturist’s domain, and that it might realise a greater, wider audience here. It’s a beautiful story of a young girl’s first experiences of nude bathing due to her Mother’s sensible, logical conclusion that swimming naked at a bathhouse on their doorstep made more sense than a 40 minute round trip to swim at a textile swimming baths. 

Swedish avatar Kynlif, author of the experiences recounted below

That resonates with me. I keep arguing that if naturist facilities are provided, people will overcome any fears, shame or embarrassment to readily embrace the naturist lifestyle. The only thing that prevents the availability of such readily available facilities are our legislators. Those of us in Europe, in particular, may argue we live in a secular continent, but the reality is that far too many of our politicians nail their colours to the mast of their religious faith, their Christianity. And the main Christian denominations, based in Europe, still hold power and influence over our politicians and legislators to ensure that the act of going naked or being naked is still being outlawed or limited because of a couple of verses at the beginning of the Bible.




When I refer to my ‘first’ experience of nude bathing it was not my first experience of swimming nude, but rather the first nude bathing I had done in the presence of an ‘audience’.
The summer I turned thirteen we lived in a small town 30 kilometers northeast of Gothenburg.
When we were out in the boat there were hidden coves along the river, so we had swum naked as long as I can remember.

secret swim
When I was a child we swam naked in hidden coves

But the summer I turned thirteen we moved to the coastline near Gothenburg.
Five minutes walk from our new home was a nude beach, Saltholmen Bathhouse. (website in Swedish)
The nearest textiles bathing was twenty minutes drive away.

cold bathhaouse
The entrance through the fence looked exciting. I fantasised about what it looked like on the other side of the entrance.

A sunny warm weekend my dad was out of town on business. My mom and I walked past the entrance to the cold baths: the Kallbadhus (Ella adds: from what I can find, there are numerous Kallbadhus in Sweden, and it appears these refer to organised cold water swimming areas, complete with facilities, and would be differentiated from what might be classified as ‘warm’ bathhouses such as Turkish Baths.)

‘I wonder how it looks in there’,  I said.
‘We’ll find out’, responded mom.
‘Do we dare?’, I said with a thirteen year old’s inbuilt cowardice.
‘Of course we dare’, replied mother. ‘Everyone is naked in there, it’s not (as if we’re going naked in the) town square. Now, let’s go and buy some sleeping mats, towels and coffee, and then we’ll go in there. It’s silly to travel twenty minutes to another bath when this one is so close’.

When we went into the Bathhouse on a beautiful day there were naked people bathing everywhere, young and old.


These older people told us that they had swum here since they were small and could not imagine going anywhere else

For the first few minutes it felt a little strange. Both Mom and I had swum topless before, but now the panties had to go too!
The older ladies were very curious about who we were. But in a nice way. They sat down next to us and we talked and drank some very nice coffee. And had many lovely swims.

We were also told that the beach was divided into three parts; Ladies, Men and Families with children.
So the next time we bathed we got Dad to accompany us too.

My three children have followed this tradition to go to the nude beach since they were little, so for them it is completely natural to bathe naked.

Moreover, they now have, aged 10,12 and 14 years, a very relaxed attitude to nudity. They know that nude is one thing and sex is another matter.

I perceive a nudist beach as a a place to reduce segregation (and division), which otherwise is very evident in Gothenburg. Being nude we lack “insignia”. Everyone is equal and can interact in a nonthreatening manner.

naturally speaking

Anyone can hang out on equal terms on a nude beach


Credits: Words, RL & SL photography and photo captions provided by Kynlif. Many thanks to Brenda Hoisin for providing me with Kynlif”s article.

An English language page about Saltholmen is available here.

Swimming in the Med, December 1st

I really ought to give up work and write a SL blog for a living! Being inworld for much of today, so far, has been so much fun, with lots to see and do.

I’ve been spending time zipping about the different naturist sims, catching up on them in a more comprehensive manner than I might usually get to do.

First stop (when daylight arrived, I’d already been there at the edge of RL & SL dawn) was Su Casa, where a human cannonball has been installed.

ella su casa cannon_001b


The view from inside


ella su casa cannon2_001b
aiting for the fuse to light

Unfortunately the instruction said ‘press page up or E’ to ignite it. I’m operating on a Mac, and neither seemed to fire me into the air. Still, it’s one of those ‘a lot of fun’ items that I’ll need to go back and try again in a day or two. I’ll report back with photos if and when I can get shot into the air.

After that, my RL Spanish friend Mercedes popped up online (this is why I need to stop working; I could maintain a better social life) and reported that she’d just come back from a naked swim in the Med on the 1st December. Not too many people in, she reported, but it was a calm if chilly sea. I felt a little pang of jealousy, so I did the next best thing and hopped over to 7 Hills where she posed for me ‘knee deep, just like my real life swim earlier’, she laughed.

mercedes 7 hills 3_001b

 After some lunch, I then got around to what I’ve been meaning to do for some time: re-vamp the look of the blog. I’ve also added a new header bar -another design by my friend Brenda Hoisin, owner of the Eden Naturopolis sims. Brenda was kind enough to do several for me some months back, but until now the format of the blog allowed me to only use one, while the new layout will permit me to use the remainder that she did for me on a revolving basis to keep a fresh feel to the blog.

OK…I’ve got some RL children to attend to, so forgive me slipping away from SL for a little while. I do plan to return later this evening.


Do you like our new header banner?



Our new header banner comes courtesy of the wonderful Brenda Hoisin, co-owner of Eden.

I can’t thank Brenda enough for all she’s done to help me, and SLN, by offering us office space and now a collection of terrific looking banners which we’ll rotate and use to keep the blog looking fresh. My sincere and heartfelt thanks for all of your work, Brenda. xxx.

And after what has seemed like ages of RL demands, I’m now at a point in my life where a week of ‘having nothing on‘ 😉 stretches out in front of me…so expect me to be inworld, at our fabulous office in Eden, and around the grid, catching up with all that’s going on. And Pookes is back too, to lighten the load (posts from her later in the week, too).

I’ll be around for much of Saturday evening (UK time) in world, and almost all day (and evening) Tuesday-Thursday 🙂 I can’t wait!!!!

See you then!


Our Lighthouse meme (1)

Thanks to the generosity of Gray Muircastle (at Su Casa) and Brenda Hoisin (at Eden) we’ve got an inworld presence, located at two lighthouses in SL.

This got me to thinking that the lighthouse theme should become a meme, and as a result I have Harry and Diana scurrying around SL looking for lighthouses at the moment. I’m hoping we can keep this going as a theme/meme for some time.

I’m delighted to say that Diana has come back with a couple of lighthouse shots featuring Heather. No other reason for popping them up other than they’re cute.

heather lighthouse4_001b heather lighthouse6_001b



The ‘To the Lighthouse’ Trilogy (Part 3)

lighthouse10 lighthouse11 lighthouse12 lighthouse13 lighthouse14 lighthouse15

(Credits: First three photos, Brenda Hoisin and Ella at the new SLN office presence at Eden Naturopolis, 4th photo of Ella on top of the lighthouse, taking in the view, and the last two of Ella and Pookes at the SLN office. All photos by Ella Keng)

Finally, in this ‘trilogy’ of sorts, I’ve added some photos of Brenda and myself at SLN’s new Eden Naturopolis office presence. And, oh yeah, the conversation struck up in the first place because Brenda had let me know that a photo I’d credited as her and Elbag wasn’t them! As a result of that, I’m happy to put the record straight by adding a photo, given to me by Brenda, of her and Elbag. Apologies for any confusion caused, to readers and Brenda & Elbag alike!

I couldn’t be more pleased to have a presence at Eden, and with a bit of inworld presence at naturist sims, it should hopefully mean I can meet more SLN readers and more SL naturists as well. Remember…I want to know what makes you tick. What do you like about naturism? What got you into naturism? What do you want to see, both from SLN and the naturist sims we all use in the future? And even if you don’t catch me online, it’s the easiest thing to drop me, Ella Keng, an IM, or stick a reply onto one of the posts and I’ll get back to you pronto-ish. Alternatively, IM Pookes (second life avatar name Eva Pookes) instead. I think, between us, we’re probably on SL, at least part of the day, most days.

Well….back to the grindstone (it’s not that hard, really!) as I’ve got another evening and day off to enjoy, and I want to maximise it by covering as much SL naturist related news as I can before another hectic period of RL stuff. I’ll either catch you in world, or on some of the subsequent SLN posts.


nb: first slurl hyperlink leads to the lighthouse, and the SLN office. Next two slurls are to the central rotunda at Eden.