Kate Humble : A hero of naturism

Kate Humble is a British TV presenter, best known for her work on wildlife programmes. She knows her stuff, and in the UK probably has something of a reputation as ‘thinking man’s crumpet’.

This is Kate…

Kate Humble

…for the benefit of those of you from beyond the UK. Not only is she a terrific, knowledgeable presenter of wildlife programmes, but a well-known naturist, and her semi-regular comments on the lifestyle turned up again this week in the Daily Telegraph. Sometimes I think it may be a little bit of an albatross around her neck, a part of her life probed by (male?) journalists.

She made similar comments in the Daily Mirror as recently as May.

As she says, The Naturist Society love her for it. And why not? Her wholesome image is something that can only lead to naturism being seen in a wholesome light, and that’s good for naturists everywhere. Too often, where celebrities celebrate their fondness for naturism, the emphasis is on them being ‘kooky’ to greater or lesser degrees. And the list the link leads to adds in names like Janet Jackson and Amy Winehouse. Personally I don’t think going topless and being snapped by the paparazzi essentially qualifies as being ‘naturist’, but we’ll let that slide.

The only thing I would take issue with in the Daily Telegraph is that it’s described as her ‘eccentric’ way of communing with nature. Naturism is not eccentric. It’s a logical lifestyle choice, and certainly no more ‘eccentric’ than golfers going around in loud plaid trousers, pink sweaters and one glove.