Eden Celebration : Bumrose Adult Club

Who says you can’t find ‘adult’ material at Eden Naturopolis? I’m indebted to our occasional blogger Anne, who pointed me in the direction of the Bumrose Adult Club at Eden. I’m guessing Brenda’s never enlightened me on this one due to its theme. Anne’s going to do a proper write-up of its facilities, but she thought I’d like one animation set she found, and she’s right! While many of the animations are very much adult themed, and which I didn’t try out, there was a rather lovely writing desk in the corner of one room. Anne only gave me a generic landmark, so it took an age to find this tucked in the corner of an upstairs room.

I liked it because it pretty much reflects the day-to-day reality of writing this blog, and similarly clad in RL when weather permits, although today I’m sat at my own computer station wrapped up in layers.

bumrose1 bumrose2

Sometimes inspiration strikes…

…and there’s always photos to edit…this looks like Su Casa’s jet ski getting the cropping treatment.


Articles get written easily…


…or there’s writer’s block, or a lack of ideas for the blog (the latter doesn’t happen too often, SL’s naturist community is vibrant)

No link to the club on this post. I’ll leave that for Anne to do in her subsequent posting along with, I’m led to believe, some racy photos that wouldn’t normally turn up on SLN.