Beaten to the bikes at Burn

I read through Pookes’ posting on ‘Burn 2’ and how we’d like to have a presence at it to run a ‘Critical Tits’ type of thing there. And that’s right, we would.


I tp’ed in there earlier, into the midst of an event that looked as mad as the thing Pookes photographed earlier.

I began wandering around and…

oh no! Burning Man Playa Bikes!

I wasn’t too unhappy. After all, it merely showed that the designers of Burn had got the finer detail right. I rezzed a bike.



Ella and her Playa (the Burning Man word for the area where it’s held, the Spanish word for ‘beach’) bike.



In the middle of these two photographs is a woman playing with fire! Amazing colours, movement and inventiveness.



The whole event looks like an absolute blast! Naturally, I decided that bike needed to be ridden while nude. 🙂 And if you think that three wheeled trikes aren’t part of the Burning Man culture, think again.




Back to the drawing board for Pookes and I regarding our ‘Critical Tits’ idea.