Occasionally, when in Spain, I’ll witness a couple of flamingoes flying parallel to the beach. They’re on their way down to Cabo de Gata National Park, where there are nesting/breeding grounds. I have to confess I don’t know a lot about birds or birdwatching.

There are a couple of naturist beaches within the park itself, but I’ve never visited them. It’s still nice to see less common wildlife ‘on the wing’, though, and we keep promising ourselves a drive down there some time and match a bit of naturist sea & sunbathing to connecting with wildlife.

Not so much in the way of wildlife breeding/nesting grounds in SL, but Diane took a model along to an SL zoo, where we got this photo of a naturist ‘communing’ with flamingoes. I think the lesson here is ‘look hard enough and you’ll find all manner of human (and wild) life is available in SL’.



In case you aren’t sure…here’s the real thing, wading around in the real Cabo de Gata.