Heroes of naturism: Carina Moreschi, brazilian naturist.

Hop on over to the google books brazil site and you’ll find an article (in Portuguese) about the quite well known Brazilian naturist Carina Moreschi.

You will also find a video of her (again, in Portuguese, but with English subtitles) here, explaining in a beautiful and simple way what naturism and naturist living means to her.


Carina and friend…she’s a wonderful ambassador for Brazilian naturism, and naturism in general.

Check out, if you use it, her Facebook page, and also her contributions on the brasilnaturista web site.

What makes her a hero to us is that she walks the walk as well as talking the talk, and when she does talk it is often to define naturism in such clear, simple, logical ways as to leave the unvoiced question hanging in the air, ‘and can you explain to me exactly why you do wear clothes?’

Carina, I think, is also active around one of Brazil’s most famous naturist beaches, Praia do Pinho.

While you can find many photographs of Carina and other Brazilian naturist activists around, I asked Diane to replicate the one below, in the time honoured tradition of us replicating RL in SL.