H van, Parte Deux

Last year we published a post that featured, within SL, a Citroen H van. Disappointingly, I didn’t get my own photo taken beside it at the time and the location no longer exists in SL (I just checked).

I love these vans, because there’s some quintessentially French about them (hardly surprising as Citroen made them). Citroen’s DS car (below) is another iconic model, as is…



…the 2CV (2 cv stands for ‘deux chevaux’, two horse (power) 🙂 )



I love the 2CV, and my fondness for it is in part due to this car being the first car I ever owned. It was a wreck, cost ÂŁ100, and never let me down over a three year period.

Incidentally, the French do paint cars in colours other than green, the similar colours above are coincidental.

So why a post about French cars? The photo below explains all. It’s not just me who likes the juxtaposition of nude model and French chic.



I think my next task in SL is to locate one of these vans and see if I can finally get photographed beside such a unique piece of automotive engineering.



The Citroen H Van and French chic



In the town near where I live, there’s a very nice guy who has set up a mobile cafe from a van like this…a Citroen H van, apparently. I had to look that up, as I didn’t know the name, but it has been something that has been lodged in my head as being as quintessentially French as croissants or brie. In my mid teens, I was something of a Francophile, reading Sartre and hoovering up 1960s films by the nouvelle vague directors, films which almost invariably included a van like this. It all seemed so chic, so Parisian.

Later, I’d get to experience Paris first hand, and sit in Left Bank cafes still reading Sartre, drinking wine and, for a short time, smoking Gauloises or Gitanes cigarettes.







I’ve visited Paris so many times now I’ve lost count, as well as visiting other parts of the country both as a ‘textile’ tourist and naturist holiday maker. J’adore France…as they say.

When I cycle into town I now invariably buy a cup of coffee from the man with the H van because of the van! It just summons up something familiar and warming, for me.

Imagine my delight, then, when Diane came back from a photoshoot that included photos of an SL H van . Excited? Yes, I am.

vanb vand


Incidentally, the name of the town on the side of it, Frontignan, is a real world place that I’ve been to! It’s just along the coast from Cap D’Agde, and I’ve also stayed at a campsite called Camping le SĂ©rignan-Plage Nature, visiting Frontignan on both occasions I’ve stayed nearby. So by some weird SL synchronicity, it’s perhaps appropriate that Diane, by chance, just happened to have undertaken the shoot that she did.