‘Outtake’ photos from the Commune

I, and Diane, have received some requests for ‘outtake’ photos from recent events at Commune Utopia.

Remember: for every photo you see on SL Naturist, there’s maybe been 10 others we don’t use. Over the years my ‘SL Photos’ folder from Harry, Diane, and those that the rest of us take ourselves, or have submitted by others, extend to several GB of data. Currently, I’m running a folder called ‘SL 16’, already about 3GB deep (I started it at the beginning of the year), which should give you some indication of just how many SL naturist photos, or scenery photos, we accumulate.

As a result, and because we appear to be getting a lot of requests from Commune members, I’ve decided to open up a new ‘blog’ to host the outtakes.ella commune sarong2_001b

This won’t be a fantastically maintained blog. Essentially, there’s unlikely to be much text, just an upload of photos from the events the staff attend and photograph.

I shall speak to Sedi, the Commune’s owner, about how best to proceed with this, but at this point I’d imagine that the blog address will be released to Commune members via Group notices (if Sedi’s in agreement).

I’ll keep you updated on how this proceeds.